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Thank you for letting me live out my perfect fantasy.

game was good. 

Its funny and pretty cool lol. nice job!

I made my friend play this and we both really liked it (even if im bad at it).  Great game and super funny! 

Hopefully don't mind if i make a pc front art for your game, going try to submit some resource launchbox to use so when you add the game on there , it will have some info and auto download some image for the game. so I just giving you heads up about it .

Sounds cool. Go for it!

Hi i put your game in a compilation and it was the 2nd game i played :D.

This was probably the weirdest game of all but really funny lmao the horrible part is i didn't even die to Guy Fieri I fell in the ranch pit xD

I'm glad you got a laugh out of the game. Thanks for playing. Great video btw :D

Hey! I featured your game in my latest video! It was hilarious! Hope you enjoy! :)


Awesome video. I'm glad you enjoyed :D

And I'm glad you liked the video, mate!

I enjoyed exploring flavortown!  This horror game was very scary and fun to play great job! :D 


Thanks for playing I'm glad you enjoyed. Loved the video :D

You're welcome!  I'm glad you enjoyed the video! :)

Well it was certainly different I give you that but nice to see some familiar products in this game, the atmosphere in this one was freaky, does that guys music happen to involve a certain diner and drive-in host?  :P.  5/5.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

Loved the video. Yeah his music was a distorted Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives intro. Glad you enjoyed the game :D

I didn't think the crack was real until I found it by accident.

Hello, we love this game! Played it on our channel :) Thank you for making it!

Do you have any more projects coming up? If so, lots of luck with it!

thank you so much. I'm glad you enjoyed the game. I loved the video :D

As far as projects I have a few ideas in mind. Hopefully I can have something new up in the not too distant future. 

Thanks a lot for making this, had a blast with a funny slender style game, and loved the Tommy Wiseau reference.

glad you enjoyed! Thanks for playing. I loved the video

Deleted 88 days ago

I'm glad you had fun with it. Thanks for playing. I'll try to update it to be a little more playable.

a very silly game. the idea is funny and there are alot of goof throughout. the biggest problem however is the gameplay itself. the "monster" is slow, can't do any kind of teleportation, and has a hard time making it up any incline. this makes the game more of a walking sim as you explore the many jokes and references around the map.

I'll work on improving the AI and the issue with highlighting objects. The faster the AI runs the better he can get up inclines. I'll try to work out these issues. Thanks for the input.